1. What is the difference between "Broadcast TV and other medias Integration" and "Cross-platform Broadcast TV Campaign" categories?

The "Cross-platform Broadcast TV Campaign" refers to the integrated use of the many platforms available in a program or channel, being the content of these platforms linked to the content of the program or channel.

On the other side, the category of "Broadcast TV and other medias Integration" refers to campaigns that use other medias and know how to use the attributes of broadcast TV to promote the campaign, without the need to implicate the media and shows or channel contents.

2. Is it necessary to participate in The TV Summit to compete in the awards?

No, the participation in the awards is independent of The TV Summit / LA Cumbre TV.

3. How many advertising pieces can I submit with my company/organization/agency?

There is no limit number predefined, you can submit as many advertising pieces as you want, as long as those works are in accordance with the regulation and the corresponding payment.

4. Do the pieces have to be registered under the name of an individual or under the name of the company that made it?

For the professional categories the subscription has to be done under the name of the company.

5. Does the video case of the advertising pieces have to be sent during the initial registration?

The first stage of registration is online. The finalists that appear on the shortlist can send the videocase until August 7th.

6. Can the same piece be submitted in more than one category?

Yes, but the case needs to be registered in different categories, always and when the case is in accordance with the regulation and the corresponding payments.